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Sums of many post around that I found useful to project a positive image as a young professional

25 Style Charts Every Man Needs To See

The art of dressing like a real gentleman isn’t as hard as you think — and it’s definitely rewarding. Here is a list of Style Charts Every Man Needs To See to suit up properly. #1. First, know the basic suit styles and fabric patterns. #2. Know when to literally push the right buttons.There are different …

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Suits – The Fit Matters

The Fit Matters Consider this post a public service.  A few friends, some ladies and a couple of guys have mentioned to me more than once that they strongly felt that it would be beneficial if I wrote a post about how often their friends, brothers, boyfriends or husbands leave the house to go to …

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15 Rules Men Wearing Suit Need To Know

A really well-fitted and carefully thought-out suit can make any guy instantly look hotter. It’s science. 😉 If you’re new to the suit wearing game, or if you’re a seasoned suit-wearing veteran but want to make sure you’re doing things right, then you need to take a look at this list, because there are suit …

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