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GlusterFS Algorithms: Replication (present)

GlusterFS Algorithms: Replication (present) March 12th, 2012 Jeff Darcy – originally on http://hekafs.org Replication is the most necessarily complex part of GlusterFS – even more than distribution, which would probably be the most common guess. It’s also one of the things that sets GlusterFS apart from most of its obvious competitors. Many of them simply require …

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Gluster / GlusterFS Extended Attribute

GlusterFS Extended Attributes April 26th, 2011 Jeff Darcy – originally on http://hekafs.org Extended attributes are one of the best kept secrets in modern filesystems. Here you have a fully general feature to attach additional information to files, supported by most modern filesystems, and yet hardly anybody seems to use it. As it turns out, though, GlusterFS uses …

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Linux File Locks mechanism

In Unix-like systems File Locks Source Wikipedia Unix-like operating systems (including Linux and Apple’s OS X) do not normally automatically lock open files or running programs. Several kinds of file-locking mechanisms are available in different flavors of Unix, and many operating systems support more than one kind for compatibility. The two most common mechanisms are …

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How to add new storage to linux server live without rebooting.

How to add new storage to linux server live without rebooting. Short version: Resize the virtual disk in vmware or add a new hard drive Detect the new change: partprobe echo “- – -” > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan fdisk –l pvcreate /dev/sda3 vgextend rootvg /dev/sda3 lvextend lvextend –L +10G /dev/rootvg/var lvextend –l +100%FREE /dev/rootvg/var Resize filesystem lvresize …

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Gluster / GlusterFS Quick Note

  Gluster / GlusterFS – Quick Overview Trusted Storage Pool (Cluster) Adding_Servers_to_Trusted_Storage_Pool gluster peer probe SERVER gluster peer status  ** Note: After peer probe, in the remote machine, the originating peer’s information is stored with IP address instead of hostname. To fix this, probe once in the reverse direction, using the hostname of the original server. This will …

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