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Terminator Cheat Sheet

Terminator terminal keyboard shortcuts – Cheat Sheet


Quick shortcut useful to use with Terminator terminal  in order to be way more efficient while working in a terminal. 

Here is a list of my favorite Terminator shortcut that I use daily.  You can refer to the MAN page for even more shortcut: 

Splitting Screen:

Ctrl-Shift-E: Will split the view vertically.
Ctrl-Shift-O: Will split the view horizontally.

Moving between screen:

 Ctrl-Shift-P: Will change the focus to the the previous view.
Ctrl-Shift-N: Will change the focus to the the next view.
Ctrl-Shift-W: Will close the screen where the focus is on.
Alt-[arrow_key]: Will move the focus of the screen in the direction of the arrow_key.

Useful Misc shortcut

Ctrl-Shift-X: will enlarge active screen to full screen


I hope you find it useful!  If so, please share!

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